Femina pH Self-Test Kit for Vaginal Infections

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Current Challenges

  • EXPENSIVE MEDICAL TESTS –  You need to go for medical tests to know what vaginal infection you are suffering from.
  •  COSTS & BILLS – You have to pay medical consultation, pay for the tests and the time it costs you to make a visit to your health practitioner!
  • ANTIBIOTICS & MORE DRUGS – If you have a history of recurrent infections you are aware of additional treatments and more antibiotics!
  •  CHOICE OF RIGHT TREATMENT – Do you get over-the-counter medication for yeast or BV? Then you need to know what you are treating.

That’s why we came up with Femina pH Self-Test Kit for Vaginal Infections

When is a good time to use the pH Self-Test Kit
Whenever there are symptoms of Vaginal Infection ranging from burning, discharge and itching; during pregnancy; preventative medical checkups, etc
 Can I get false readings or inaccurate diagnosis?
Yes! Make sure you use FEMINA pH Self-Test Kit as instructed. Most important avoid testing your pH in the following situations:
> It’s less than one day before or after your period

> There are signs that your period has arrived or you have any signs of vaginal bleeding
> It’s been less than 12 hours since you’ve had sexual intercourse or used a vaginal douche.
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Confidence to choose the right treatment for you

  • FAST RESULTS – Quickly determine your Vaginal pH, easily and reliably.
  •  DIAGNOSIS – Know whether it is a common yeast infection (Candidiasis)
  •  DIFFERENTIATE – Yeast infections from Bacterial Infection (Bacterial Vaginosis)
  •  CONFIDENCE – Choose the right Off-The counter treatment for you!
  •  KNOW THYSELF – Visit your health practitioner with knowledge and information of your condition
  •  PREDICTION – Stop the guess work and take control of your Female Intimate Health

2x Tests per package


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