BioSport GutScribe – 100% Probiotic Whey Protein – 400g

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BioSport™ 100% Probiotic Whey Protein – Stimulates Growth Of Beneficial Gut Flora And Subsequent Absorption And Utilization Of Proteins – Nourish Your 2nd Brain By Supporting Gut Health – Contains Prebiotic Fibre – Inulin – 100% Probiotic-based Whey Protein

BioSport™ is the first global 100% Probiotic Whey Protein to include high dosages of Probiotics (10 billion CFU of 10 Strains) for combined sports performance, immune health and gut health.

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If you want to nourish your 2nd brain by supporting gut health, support your immune system and increase your uptime, and faster muscle recovery from exercise and training… then this is the most important Whey Protein you’ll ever purchase! 

BioSport 100% Probiotic Whey Protein is an amazing new Whey Protein that helps every person keen on sports, exercise and fitness to train without interrupting your exercise schedule, increase muscle growth, reduce fatigue and speed up recovery.

BREAKTHROUGH100% Probiotic-based Whey Protein ensures you can nourish your 2nd brain by supporting gut health in one easy step

OUTSTANDING1000x more probiotics to your gut enables you to support your immune system and increase your uptime – Instantly

REMARKABLE RESULTS71g Protein (per 100g) & 25g protein per serving enables you to Faster muscle recovery from exercise and training – 100% foolproof

GETS THE JOB DONE5.4g BCAAs per serving at 2:1:1 ratio lets you Increase muslce growth, reduce fatigue and speed up recovery – Effortlessly

EXCEPTIONALContains Prebiotic fibre – Inulin lets you stimulates growth of beneficial gut flora and subsequent absorption and utilization of proteins like the best

Weight 1.5 kg

Strawberry, Vanilla


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