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Velo16™ Probiotic Digestive Capsules is your gut & immune-health probiotic of choice for everyday use. Velo16™ replenishes & nurtures your good bacteria to help you Trust Your Gut, for a healthier, happy you. Get 16 of the most researched probiotics in restoring health and digestive balance.

Velo16™ is the Ultimate Choice in quality and quantity of probiotics delivered to your gut for maximum health benefits. Utilizing patented Velobiotics™ technology, Velo16™ guarantees delivery of 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Velo16™ contains 16 probiotic strains clinically proven to support people with poor digestive and immune health and requiring a wide variety of probiotic strains.

Trust your gut; for a happier, healthy life.

1000x More Probiotics

We guarantee that our products will deliver 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

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Probiotics play an essential role in your body.

Did you know that there are tens of trillions of microorganisms living in your gut? However, many of these are actually beneficial and play an important role, not just indigestion but in maintaining overall wellness.

In fact, many digestive issues are due to insufficient probiotics in your gut. This may have been caused by lifestyle factors, illness, or the use of antibiotics, but the resulting challenge remains the same. How do you restore the balance in your digestive system?

One of the major challenges in the probiotics’ industry is numerous products whose label claims are mismatched with their probiotics delivery to the gut. It is a well-known fact that probiotics die while on the pharmacy shelf and stomach acid kills all good and bad bacteria!

This means that you rarely get the right amount of probiotics delivered to your gut and subsequent disappointment when expected wellness is not achieved.

This makes it difficult to trust probiotics in the marketplace to stay healthy and deliver wellness.

Luckily, there is now a solution – Velo16™.  Velo16™ replenishes and nurtures your good bacteria helping you to Trust in your gut and live a healthier, happy life.

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Natural Gut, Digestive & Immune Health Support.

Time to Start Trusting Your Gut!

With trillions of good bacteria supporting your well-being, it is easy to ignore the role they play in our health.
Velo16 contains SIXTEEN probiotic strains that helps you to replenish your gut flora, and make you Trust Your Gut again.

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US & Globally patented technology that delivers 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Nourish your 2nd brain

Velobiotics Patented Probiotics Delivery Technology

US PATENT: US7641917B2 | SA PATENT: 200309983 | UK PATENT: GB2392619B | JAPAN PATENT: JP4313196B2 | AUSTRALIA PATENT: 2002310567

Long Shelf-life & Viability

Velobiotics microencapsulation with SCO2 technology appreciably improves stability & viability of probiotics

Tolerance to Stomach Acid

Stable at low stomach pH (acidic), but disintegrates at higher pH (alkaline), releasing probiotics in the colon where they are most needed

Highest Quality Standards

High quality ingredients, processing in state-of-the-art plant in Germany and final production in FDA registered facility

Velo16 Probiotic Digestive Capsules

Velo16 Probiotics - Immune Health Support

70% of your Immune System resides in the gut!

This is possibly one of the most ignored, but crucial aspect of probiotics. The majority of our immunity has been shown to reside in the gut – in the form of lymph tissue commonly known as GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue). 12

  • Probiotics have been shown to promote the natural production of antibodies against harmful bacteria. 14
  • In a separate study, they were shown to inhibit the adhesion and invasion by pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, E. coli. 13

A probiotic with all the right strains will help support your immune system for those nagging colds and flu. Protect your family with a wide & diverse range of probiotic strains for better immune support.


Velo16 provides you with sixteen probiotic strains covering Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and S. thermophilus.

It delivers 5billion CFU at 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Once daily use

Use Velo16 everyday over prolonged periods of time for best results. Take probiotics together with your food, with a large amount of water.

Maximize your probiotics

Get the full and maximum health benefits of probiotics by taking probiotic and prebiotic rich foods; and avoiding those that kill good gut bacteria.

Velo16 Probiotics - Gut Health Support

Unquestionalbe evidence of the role of probiotics in Gut & Digestive health

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) -  Abdominal cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both - requires long term management.

  • A review of studies demonstrated that probiotics are efficacious and may have a positive role to play in IBS. 4

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis)

  • Mild Ulcerative colitis has successfully been managed with probiotics with great improvement of symptoms and maintenance management 5
  • In one of the studies, a probiotic was shown to be just as effective as the conventional standard treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. 6

Ensure to use a probiotic with a wide range of strains to provide the diversity needed for better management of IBS. 

Velo16 Probiotic Digestive Capsules - Restore Balance


Get additional 200mg of prebiotic fibre, inulin, from Velo16 Probiotic Digestive Capsules.

Prebiotics assist with nurturing and growth of probiotics in your gut.

Velo16 Probiotics - Digestive Health Support

Diarrhea can throw good bacteria in our gut off-balance.  Probiotics have been shown to get things back on track. 

  • Diarrhea - Resulting from different causes such as:
    •  Antibiotic induced/associated diarrhea (AAD) - General (Broad Spectrum) antibiotics tend to kill both good and bad bacteria - leading to an imbalance that results in diarrhea. 
    • Travelers diarrhea - When traveling drinking contaminated water leads to an imbalance of gut flora or just infection. 
  • Gastroenteritis
    • Diarrhea associated with a wide range of infections causes a huge imbalance in gut flora. 

There's a need to ensure your gut flora is replenished to restore gut balance to reduce the duration of diarrhea and recovery. 

Velo16 - Probiotic Digestive Capsules
Velobiotics probiotics family biokid


Our probiotics are shielded from moisture, heat and water... Confidence that probiotics will be viable to support your wellbeing regardless of exposure to elements & stomach acid– better than any other technology.

Velo16 Probiotics - Other Health Benefits

Probiotics play a role in a wide range of health benefits.

Probiotics are our guardian angels and have been associated with...

  • Weight Loss and Modification – Probiotics play a role through our gut flora in both weight loss and weight gain as reviewed from a medical perspective. 15
  • Reduction of Cholesterol by breaking down bile in the gut. 16
  • Lowering of Blood Pressure – Probiotic intake was shown to improve Blood Pressure by a modest degree, with a potentially greater effect when baseline BP is elevated. 17
  • Mental Health Conditions – Some studies have shown improvement in mental health conditions through the use of probiotics. 18

Your choice of probiotic should, therefore, be able to deliver large variety and diversity of probiotics as well as larger amounts (CFU) to the gut where they are most needed. 

Velo16 Probiotic Digestive Capsules


Dr. Chomba Chuma - Potrait

Dr. Chuma Answers your questions..

Velobiotics founder and medical doctor is here to answer your questions relating to probiotics, our products and Velo16.

WebMD defines probiotics as ‘live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you’, while Food and Organization (FAO) of the United Nations – has one of the best definitions of probiotics – as “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.”

The word ‘Probiotic’ literally translates to “for life” and is has been associated primarily with bacteria and yeast that have beneficial effects to both humans and other animals. Looking back at history, this original observation can be attributed to Eli Metchnikoff – A Russian born scientist and Nobel Prize winner – while working at Pasteur Institute early last century who observed that:

Different probiotic strains have been studied in different conditions. Even though a combination is usually useful, some of the conditions require a specific and particular probiotic-strain

The individual number of viable probiotics is known as CFU (Colony Forming Unit). This is actually a microbiology measure used to describe and quantify bacteria of all types (not just probiotics).

CFU is therefore an important concept in quantification of probiotics. As a measure of the amount of probiotics, it is also used to track and qualify the viability of good bacteria through production, storage, transportation and final delivery to your gut.

All (most) Probiotics will state on their label the amount of probiotic species/strains they contain per serving in CFU. This should be the amount expected at the time of purchase. However, this is not always the case.

Probiotic viability is a major issue. The ability to keep good bacteria viable from production and manufacturing, storage in warehouse & pharmacy, transportation and finally in your hands is a massive challenge.

WHO and FAO have provided guidelines of the amount of viable probiotics that should be contained in a product before claims of health benefits can be made. This number is currently a concentration of 106 to 107 CFU (Colony Forming Units)


How well probiotics are preserved to match the label claims is a very important factor in making the right choice. There is no use of label claim of 100 billion CFU, but only a fraction of that is available to your gut.

Studies have shown that the die-off rate after manufacture of commercially available probiotics is very high. In one study, the rate of die-off was 3-log CFU/g within 60 days after manufacture. 24. In simple terms, that is over 99.9% death rate from what is stipulated during manufacture or label claim.

There are four main ways of “preserving” probiotics and ensuring the label claim is valid 1)Overage 2)Capsules 3)Cold Chain 3)Microencapsulation

Absolutely not. Velo16 utilizes Velobiotics technology that keeps it protected and safe from elements and degradation by stomach acid.

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