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Nutritional Benefits

Probiotics have been shown to improve production of Vitamins e.g. Niacine, Thiamin, B6, B12 and folic acid.

Good for Digestion

They have also been shown to improve the digestion of minerals e.g. calcium, iron, copper and other micronutrients.

Harmless Treatment

Being living organisms that are not harmful to the body, they are extremely safe. Also, there are no side effects to treatment.

Constipation Relief

Constipation is a common complaint in outpatient care. Probiotics work to relieve constipation and improve the symptoms.

Clinically Approved

Year after year, probiotics continue to gain popularity and increase in use by clinicians based on health benefits.

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about probiotics

What are probiotics? Probiotics are bacteria. Good bacteria. Not all bacteria have harmful effects. In fact, most of the bacteria found in your gut is good bacteria and yeast that are beneficial to your overall health. Bad bacteria cause infection, disease and illnesses.

However, there is “good” or “helpful” bacteria that plays a very useful role in your health and wellness. The good bacteria is also known as ‘Probiotics’.

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Health benefits
of Probiotics

The benefits of using probiotics are well known now. It has both nutritional and therapeutic benefits. There is a wide range of both documented as well as perceived benefits of probiotics to the human body. For purposes of keeping a clinical and factual approach, we have divided them into nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

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1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut

Why Velobiotics?

Patented Technology

Delivers 1000x More Probiotics

Heat Stable Microencapsulation

Improved stability and viability of probiotics

Shelf-life Stable Probiotics

No Need for Refrigeration

Resistance to Stomach Acid

Stable probiotics at acidic pH, released in the gut

Who We Are?

Velobiotics is a globally patented technology that helps protect good bacteria (Probiotics) through a process known as microencapsulation.

This helps prolong shelf life of probiotics and shields them from destruction by gastric acid; thus, permitting good bacteria to reach your gut where they are most useful.

Our happy customers!

Love it so much

"I really love these so much. How clever to incorporate collagen + probiotics into 1! I add a scoop to my and my husbands protein smoothy everyday and feel so much better knowing our gut, joint and overall health is taken care of. Thank you Velobiotics!"

Natasha V.


"I was really happy with the service overall. It felt hassle-free as I knew exactly when my parcel would arrive, and it sure was on time. well done for excellency."

Marcia D.

Life saving

"Having suffered with recurring for months, i had tried antibiotics and other meds, but nothing gave me lasting results. Within 3 days of taking the velobiotics femina the symptoms were gone, no sign of a UTI ever since. This product saved my life."

Dolly M.

Truly recommending

"I absolutely love this company. Packaging 10/10 Service 10/10 Product 10/10 I truly recommend them. So you better do yourself a favor and make a purchase NOW!!!!"

Nobuhle M.

Much Lovely

"I have used so many products before until I was introduced by a sample from Velobiotics Influencer KeepingUpWithNatacha, I have decided to stay with this product for both myself and husband."

Lorian D.

Thank you

"Velo16 could not have come at the right time! Bloatednes is something of the past as well as constipation, since I started taking these capsules. Thank you very much."

Bekezela N.

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asked questions

Probiotics are good bacteria. They are mainly found in your gut, lining the digestive system to support your body in a variety of ways. Probiotics plays a very useful role in your health and wellness. It is thought that there are thousands of probiotics strains in your digestive system, numbering approximately 100 trillion in total! That is six to ten times the total number of your body cells.
Our gut is constantly undergoing microbiome change due to different type of foods, allergies, illnesses and many other factors. To counter this, it is advisable to take your probiotics supplement daily for optimal health.
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