Our Mission

Velobiotics’ mission is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality, safe, and effective probiotics that work. Using innovative and scientifically sound research, we develop probiotics-based products that deliver unparalleled health benefits.

Continuous Research and Development

Our probiotics products are developed in collaboration with medical doctors and biosciences research institutions. Through our research partner, CSIR, we are constantly innovating and revolutionizing better probiotics delivery technologies to access full gut-health benefits from probiotics.

How We Have Done It?


Science is at the backbone of our development process. Through extensive research, we define where the problem lies and how to overcome it.

We then look at how we can overcome the challenges to improve the expected outcomes for our consumers.

Green and Natural

Staying green and natural is a core value in Velobiotics. We source, pure and high-quality ingredients that are sustainable to the environment. E.g. our microencapsulation process uses Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is recyclable with a minimal carbon footprint. All our packaging is made from degradable paper material.


We focus on real issues, real benefits, and real solutions.

Customer feedback is vitally important to assess our impact and improve microbiome health at all levels.

Science Matters!

Founded and managed by a medical doctor, the science behind our products and solutions matters. Our current probiotics-delivery technology passed through rigorous testing and results have been published in reputable journals worldwide. There is a load of research on probiotics with mixed interpretation and results. That’s the nature of the medical world. While some trials are very promising, others might show marginal benefits.

Velobiotics’ focus is to filter through this information, look at the strains and ingredients with good clinical data and formulate specific products that help our customers with conditions for which it is indicated.

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Honesty is simplicity. It comes from trusting your gut. We stay true to our values, our customers, and our solutions. If it’s working, it is. If it’s not, we call the bluff.

    Your feedback as a customer, good or bad, helps us get better. Go ahead, shoot from the gut!

  • Gut Simplicity

    Velobiotics always start from the gut.

    We always start our solutions from Gut Strength. Quality probiotics are the foundation of our products and solutions. We build our solutions on a strong fundamental of the right probiotics for your gut microbiome.

  • Collaboration

    Working on our strength to leverage collective genius.

    We can only achieve results if we let others do what they do best. Working with other organizations that share common values has spearheaded our innovation and delivery of superior products to the customer.

  • Balance

    Everything is about balance. Yin Yang, Good and Bad. Pathogens and Probiotics. Balance is everywhere, we embrace it in its extremes and diversity.

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