Exercises for a Healthy Vagina

by Dr. Chomba on Jun 02, 2018

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All parts of the body benefit from exercise – and the vagina is an organ in the body which can benefit from certain types of exercises. Of course, keeping the entire body fit and streamlined is good for your entire body – including the vagina.

There are strength and endurance exercises expressly for the vagina, just as there are exercises for you to have tighter abs and core. Certain exercises for the vagina can help to keep problems away that often come with age.

One type of exercise you can practice for the benefit of the vagina is Kegel. These exercises target the pubococcygeus (muscle found in the pelvic area) muscle and the other pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are like the other muscles in your body and can be trained and strengthened.

The muscles around the vagina become weaker from giving birth and growing older. When they’re strengthened by practicing exercises such as Kegel, you’ll be far less likely to experience urinary incontinence. You will also be enabling greater sexual pleasure, for you and your partner. The steps of Kegel exercises include:

  1. Know how to find your pelvic floor muscles – You can do this by pretending to halt the urination process in midstream. The muscles needed to perform this action are those targeted by Kegel exercises.
  1. Tighten the muscles – Tighten the pelvic floor muscles and hold them tight for a few seconds, then release. Perform this exercise 15 times.
  1. Practice Kegel exercises regularly – Keep practicing the Kegel exercises above each day and try to hold the muscles tight for longer periods of time and add more repetitions.

Sexual activity and pleasure not only benefits the vagina, but your entire body – and mind. You can practice the Kegel exercises as you’re having sex.

Besides Kegel exercises there are other ways to keep the vagina healthy and strong.  Another way to strengthen your vagina is to use a vibrator on a regular basis to achieve orgasm. Vaginal cones, ben wa balls, jade eggs and vaginal barbells are also great ways to exercise the vagina and gain more pleasure for yourself.

Pay attention to strength-training for your core and lower body too. Pelvic floor exercises are similar to Kegel exercises for improving and strengthening your lower body and becoming more fit to ensure a healthy vagina.

Regular exercise also helps the vagina to remain healthy. When your overall body is in good shape and you eat a healthy diet, your organs work as they should. As you age, certain changes may take place in and around the vagina that may cause uncomfortable sex because of dryness and/or lesions and scars from childbirth.

All muscles decline with lack of use. Regular stretching and exercise of the pelvic area will improve mobility and reduce discomfort from not only sex, but simply moving around.

Kegel exercises will help almost any condition concerning your vagina, but if the problem is because of an infection, take steps to clear up the infection. Sex definitely keeps the vagina healthy and if you neglect it the vaginal wall may become thin and fragile.

The post Exercises for a Healthy Vagina appeared first on Velobiotics - Nourish Your 2nd Brain.